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A Platform Skill game

update added new soundtrack by me and lower the enemyspeed first level

V3.2 update fixed a bug in the pause button
V3.0 update fixed a bug
V2.9 update: added hiscore
V2.7 update: updated the UI and changed the jump sound
update: fixed a bug in the pause button
V2.6 update: added help
V2.4 update: fixed a bug regarding players health

V2.3 update: changed the play button gfx
V2.2 update: added another enemy
V2.1 update: made the enemy move faster
V2.0 update: added background image
V1.9 update: cubie can fly now
V1.8 update adden some gfx

V1.7 update added springs :)
V1.6 Update fixed the jump in midair
V1.5 update fixed the platforms was a easy fix also changed the music
V1.3 update: changed the music fixed a stupid bug that would restore health
update changed the run sounds for cubie :)
V1.2 update fixed the jumplengt bug took some time to debug

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Published1 year ago
AuthorEinar Odinn Holm
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

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