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A 2d top-down Fighting game
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the character from treasure hunt goes medieval

update: fixed a bug in the reset button and added random raven fly animation
V2.1 update: added hiscore

V1.8 update: added flying raven
V1.7 update: added little gfx behind the text on victory, game over and credits screen
v1.6 update: fixed a bug regarding enemy hitrate if you pressed the reset game button it would be slower
V1.5 update added credits button
update: changed the tree gfx
V1.5 update: made the enemy a better match
V1.4 update: added shield :)

V1.3 update fixed the timer on playerhitrate

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Published1 year ago
AuthorEinar Odinn Holm
Tagsgame, games, indiedev, Top-Down
Player countSingleplayer


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feels more like melee robot wars than medieval battle, but still, pretty cool. I found that i could just hold space to block continuously and intermittently tap the mouse for maximum advantage, got up to level 26 before dying, at which point the speed of the enemy attack managed to hit me about ten times in less than a second lol :)

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yes thanks i just called it medieval war because of sword and shield thanks very much for playing!

26 thats alot :)

Graphics are a little weird, but good!

hehe thanks :)

cool game!

thanks! :)